About Me

I am Afia Kyalo, and I am passionate about every aspect of music and how it affects us, the trends and the technology that makes it a global language that connects us all as the human race. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Entertainment Business. I have a Bachelors Degree in Music, where I focused on African Music both traditional and contemporary. I have been a member of the Kenya Conservatoire of Music Orchestra for the last two years and performed as part of a few Kenyan groups. This journey is meant to widen my perception and that of my readers about the music industry in different cultures and countries and fusion of technology, these cultures and talent leading to new trends.  I enjoy spending time watching movies and hanging out with friends listening to A LOT OF MUSIC! This blog is dedicated to unearthing the elements of the entertainment industry that I find fascinating and educative for those looking to venture into the industry. The world is usually eager to consume the finished product but I am fascinated with what happens behind the scenes, the planning and organization that goes into bringing it to completion. The business, talents and technology involved in evolving current trends.

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