Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Bath without Water

Ludwick Marishane, a young South African, is the inventor of a cleansing gel, Dry Bath, which is an alternative for bathing for suburbanites and makes a world of difference for rural residents without a constant access to clean water.

I was drawn by his speech for a number of reasons. Ludwick began by giving a story in which he attempted to draw a clear picture for the audience. With the foundation for his idea in place, he was then able to easily narrate why his product was relevant and life changing. As we know, water is a necessity and the smile he kept throughout his presentation indicated that he was incredibly thrilled to be telling his story.

I like his speech because he gives the story behind his invention with enthusiasm. He is directly facing his audience and he states facts about his research. This lends credibility to his pitch as his main focus is the audience and he doesn’t lose eye contact.
He has a sense of humor that in my opinion personifies his product. His witty comments ensure that he leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the audience. He seems relaxed on the stage and has little movement, making his words the audience’s focus instead of his actions. His gestures and storytelling skills show that he is prepared, knows his content and most of all believes in it.

His entrepreneurial skills are an inspiration. From an idea that could easily have been confined to the lower class of the society, Ludwick has been able to brand it in a way that it opens up a market for the middle and upper classes. He gives reasons as to why it is important to use his product- save water and time. For example, he says, “Dry bath is a rich man’s convenience and a poor man’s lifesaver.”
This may seem funny but it is a memorable remark. I am happy I found Ludwick’s TED speech as it hits home with me and my passion for Africa and water conservation.

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